First question is…who is Megha and what does she say?

And the answer is…Megha is Just another girl in Bombay city.
[Thanks to shiv sena…but I don’t like the name Mumbai]

Many people like me have lots of things in there mind to speak what they want.
But some are scared … some are helpless because they don’t have any source to speak their views.. etc, etc … and some are lucky like me who get to speak up with the help of this blog

So here is the places where u can speak you mind.. Thanks to my very dear friend Deep who helped me in making this site ..
What else..mmmm…nothing much…

Well to start with my blog… Ending my intro section here.

Megha Patel.


  1. prashant arora   •  

    u r a wonderful lady.

  2. Megha   •     Author

    hey ashish .. forget wht happen.. now make sure u dont make the same mistake again..
    and now be happy .. forget past,live in present and think about future.. 😀

    Megha Patel.

  3. Ashis   •  

    Huh….no need to thank me!
    I feel I ruined UR welcome party!

    But I wish U have a kind of blog that reflects the Inner U!
    Bring out The beauty of the mind of a Indian gal!

    & till there is moon & star in the sky UR frendship lasts with Deep !

  4. Megha   •     Author

    Thank You Very Much Guys ….Deep, Ashis, John T P, Grace, Riyaz Usman…thanks to all 🙂

    Its Really nice to c you guys in my blog 😀 …

    Grace .. i really feel girls always should make attempt to come forward …… and thts wht i m doing 🙂

    Thanks again 🙂

  5. Riyaz Usman   •  


    what i say ? As i always tells, “…And You Too…”!

    Well have a happy time over blogging megha.

  6. Grace   •  

    Welcome to the world of blogging 🙂
    Its nice to find more and more Indian girls blogging, keep it up!

  7. John T P   •  

    Welcome to the Blog World, Megha. BTW, nice theme 🙂

  8. Ashis   •  

    Bombay was a better name that Mumbai!

    Bombay the name also has its own history that is as much associated to us as the name Mumbai is (as some says) associated to us!

  9. Deep   •  

    Hi Megha,
    Good to see you on the net 😀


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