Business Baazigar V/S Family Soaps

Must watch… serials like Business Baazigar… That gives you good knowledge.. rather then kyuki, kahani, deal ya, kahi to, kaisa ye, kumkum, aakash, anchal ki, disha, reth.. and the list is never ending..
Well I will suggest not to watch all this crap and watch the shows like business baazigar, channel like Janmat or some other channel where you get good stuff to know more about what is happening in the world..
Yesterday in news paper I saw this article that says .. kyuki is gonna get forward to more 20 years.. I thought why the hell.. why don’t you shut down the serial. That tortures people…
Well coming back to Business Baazigar..
I was watching it.. Few minuets back.. Found that many people have many different ideas in their mind for the well being of the country & people.
Birla group is helping them to fulfill their dreams…or I can say they r helping them to implement the ideas
They have selected 50 ppl out of which they will eliminate some and keep 30 people to go forward with their ideas..
The participants are from 18 to 62 years old.. hmmm.. not bad..
For more details you can check this site:-
Well the only thing I am trying to say is… remove family soaps and get some logical shows that makes us watch the TV..rather then hate it…
They say kids watch all songs and movies and its not good for kids… you tell me how will the kids watch everyday crying and fighting with each other in the house itself..
You are suppose to teach us how to maintain peace and love in the family not how to play politics in the family…
Thanks to kekta ..oops!!!! kkekta oh sorry 😉 ekta and other family soap makers.

Megha Patel.

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